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About Medalo

We’re Brandon and Carolina from Medalo Properties. We started investing with a strategy in late 2019 as we purchased our first BRRRR project in Hamilton. We have since grown Medalo Properties to a portfolio of 26+ units. We specialize in multi-family unit conversions and flips. We’re focused on building generational wealth and relationships while educating and helping others build multiple streams of income, protect their financial future and increase the quality of their lives.

Our secret sauce

We are dynamic duo with unmatched dedication and insane work ethic. We have built systems to streamline and demistify the real estate investing journey and we use these to execute real estate strategies that produce quality results. 


Why are we telling you this?

 We strongly believe there is huge value in this & we want YOU to leverage our experience and swap that fear for faith to take those steps to invest in your future through real estate.

Our Services

Explore our services for personalized solutions and expert guidance towards achieving your goals.

Unlock new investment opportunities that align with your goals as well as your financial and time resources through a variety of partnering opportunities and service offerings.

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Empower yourself with the knowledge and skills needed to succeed in real estate. Enroll in our comprehensive courses and take the first step towards a lucrative career or successful investments.

Take your real estate game to the next level with our expert coaching. Our personalized approach will help you unlock your full potential and achieve your goals with confidence.

Find the best mortgage solutions for your current and long-term goals. Our expert team will guide you through the process and find the best option for your unique needs.

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We're proud of the work we do, and our clients are too. Read their testimonials and learn why.

"Getting a coach is one of the best decisions we made. Brandon and Caro truly care about our journey and want to see us succeed. Keep us on track to our goals and we meet every week."
Melody Testimonial
Melody & Chad Salisbury
"We're super grateful for everything you've been able to help us with and take us to the next level in our Real Estate Investing Journey. Looking forward to the next, next level!"
Nate Testimonial
Nate & Tania Atkin
"One of the most transformative years of my personal and professional career. Brandon and Carolina helped me manage and thrive in all aspects of my life. I would highly recommend them."
Nisha Testimonial
Nisha Chopra
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Ready to Elevate Your Real Estate Game? Tune in to Our Podcast and Get Inspired Today!

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Ready to Elevate Your Real Estate Game? Tune in to Our Podcast and Get Inspired Today!

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