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Is the lack of time, expertise or resources holding you back from real estate investing? Leverage the Medalo team to bridge that gap

Joint Ventures

Our Joint Venture Service in Real Estate provides an excellent opportunity for investors looking to partner with us to acquire, develop, and manage real estate projects. We understand the real estate market and are always searching for ways to help investors create profitable investments.


You want to secure your money with a solution backed by an appreciating asset and with a team that has done this before. Many of our clients know that investing in real estate is the best vehicle to grow their wealth and they don’t necessarily want to be owners at the same time. Running a portfolio of real estate simply doesn’t suit their lifestyle and investing with Medalo makes more sense for their vision and to uncover secured options that exceed their current returns. 



Project management services play a crucial role in the realm of real estate investing, facilitating the smooth and efficient execution of projects. Whether it’s acquiring and developing properties, renovating existing structures, or overseeing large-scale construction projects, effective project management is essential for success.

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Joint Ventures

What is a Joint Venture Agreement?

A Joint Venture in Ontario Real Estate Investing (also known as a Joint Venture Agreement, JV or Co-venture Agreement) is a way for investors to put their money, experience,and expertise together to accomplish more than they could on their own. How you structure a JV depends on how creative you can get. The best JV’s work is when venturing with like-minded people who have similar goals. This contract helps establish several factors in a partnership, including:
• Each party’s responsibilities and obligations.
• Financial obligations, services, and resources to be invested and other specialized tools and skills.
• The overall goals of the partnership.
• Management and operations of the new business arrangement.
• Protocols for potential dissolution of the partnership.
Establishing a Joint Venture in Ontario helps professionals and businesses connect and collaborate by establishing an agreement to achieve similar goals.
This enables parties to grow their business and expand into new markets quickly. Two distinct entities can effectively cooperate and set up a partnership to develop a cohesive effort into a specific business venture by pooling resources together. This characteristic is an excellent asset to use, especially for those looking to leverage expertise or resources from a potential business partner.

Benefits of a Real Estate Joint Venture in Ontario

1. New investors can leverage the experience and proven system of their business partner.
2. You’re given an updated report of potential investment opportunities in your area that you can take advantage of.
3. The Joint Venture Agreement establishes the business relationship and states specific details on how parties function during the partnership.
4. You gain access to a larger real estate market without needing to invest a lot of time and resources.

Project Managment

It can be easy to overlook the significance of a project manager’s role: to keep the project moving on schedule and on budget. No matter how straightforward or complex, every project has risks. When things get off track, it can be costly and disruptive for your renovation and your partners. The right project management team can help you mitigate risk by managing your projects on time, on budget and in line with your strategic objectives.

We work with you to help you confidently meet your project and investment goals. A great project starts by understanding and listening to your needs. Then, we bring together a team of a multi-disciplined, experienced professionals, structured to meet the demands of your project and partners. 

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